Forsher Holdings

Forsher Holdings was conceived in early 2007 as its principals, who have extensive experience in banking, finance and real estate investing, witnessed an alarming growth in the number of non-performing bank-owned assets hitting the market, including residential and commercial real estate foreclosures and collaterized mortgage obligations.  They decided to take action to assist holders of these troubled assets and in January, 2008, incorporated in Florida as Forsher Holdings, LLC. 


Because of the high profile of Forsher’s principals, one of whom formerly served as a government official under several administrations, the Forsher team is committed to achieving success by maintaining the highest degree of personal and business integrity in all their relationships.


Forsher devised a unique plan to acquire and sell real estate properties and other assets in-bulk using a funding approach utilized successfully in other industries. Forsher applies its substantial business expertise acquired over many years, to foster an orderly and timely disposition of these troubled assets. 


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What We Offer

Troubled Assets Recovery

Full spectrum of troubled asset resolution services for financial institutions seeking to preserve capital and strengthen their balance sheet.

Property Services

Nationwide property management, marketing and sales services provided through affiliated companies.



Leverage of the nation’s largest real estate companies


News & Updates

The Forsher Report

Get up to date with the latest news, updates, and developments in the industry.



Provided Solutions

Banks & Financial Institutions

Single-source solution for banks and financial institutions selling their non-performing assets to gain cash liquidity

Hedge Funds & REITS

High-value projects aimed at delivering superior results to your fund’s bottom line, helping to attract and retain clientele 

Builders & Developers

Fast turn-around on bulk Close-outs and funding for future projects, anywhere in the world 

Individual Investors

Wealth-building Strategies for high net-worth individuals seeking exceptional ROI and market leverage